Keurverslag Midland Counties show (UK)

Gisteren hebben we het keurverslag van de Midland Counties show van Kayo's ontvangen.
De keurmeester was Lesley Suggett (UK). Ohhh boy wat zijn we trots !!

OD (10) A quality class with a host of very good Dalmatians, I was splitting some placings on fine points.
1 Hultink & Hoie’s Ch/Int/Dutch/Bel/Nord/Nor/Sw/Dan/Ger Ch Solbo’s Kayo,
this dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. He is a powerhouse of strength with elegance & certainly fit for function. Very pleasing outline when standing enabling his virtues to be appreciated. Masculine head with strong muzzle but with no sign of coarseness. Well set & carried ears & dark eyes give an excellent expression. He has balance all through with excellent angles fore & aft. Strong round bone in straight forelegs ends in good feet – he clearly puts in the miles! Strong topline with well developed wither. Rounded, well muscled hindquarters with one of the best tails. All that, standing – & then he moves … he immediately settles into a long, effortless, rhythmic stride which he maintains for as long as asked. The potential for a true carriage dog. There is no exaggeration in any department. CC & BOB;

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