dalmatische hond

  • Keurverslag Bath show (UK)

    Afgelopen week hebben we de keurverslagen van de show in Bath ontvangen.
    We zijn enorm trots op deze mooie verslagen. De keur


    This dog possesses so many of the attributes of 1.
    Despite being slightly heavier in stature is well balanced.
    Head of good proportions and a kind expression, framed by well carried broken ears.
    Very well developed throughout, in hard condition.
    Has particularly well angulated rear quarters.
    Movement was positive and determined with plenty of drive and powerful reach.
    Excellently presented and offering his handler his complete attention.
    Pushed 1 hard for first place.
    Res CC. 05
    Attractive head and good reach of neck.
    Nice overall proportions with correct shoulder placement and deep chest.
    Well developed rear providing plenty of drive.
    Positive and true movement.
    Expertly handled.
    Stood alone in the class but her place was well deserved.04

  • NCDH-Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden

    Sinds 1996 zijn we lid van de Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden en fokken ook volgens hun regels.
    Maar, omdat wij een jaarlijks bedrag van € 50,00 voor slechts een fokkersvermelding op een matig en slecht onderhouden website veel te hoog vinden worden wij niet op de website van de NCDH vermeld.

    Since 1996 we are Member of de NCDH (Dutch Dalmatian Club) and breed according their rules.
    Because in our opinion an amount of € 50,00 a year for a breeders reference on a badly maintained website is to high we are not mentioned on the website of the NCDH.