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Agility / Behendigheid with Lara


Het voorjaar is er dus we zijn weer heerlijk begonnen met de behendigheid met Lara, heerlijk.Spring is here again, so we started doing agility again.We love it so much.

Posted by Kykado Dalmatians on woensdag 6 mei 2015

critique Midland Counties show

Yesterday we received Kayo's critique from Midland Counties, judge was Lesley Suggett. Ohhh boy we are soo proud !!

OD (10) A quality class with a host of very good Dalmatians, I was splitting some placings on fine points.
1 Hultink & Hoie’s Ch/Int/Dutch/Bel/Nord/Nor/Sw/Dan/Ger Ch Solbo’s Kayo,
this dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. He is a powerhouse of strength with elegance & certainly fit for function. Very pleasing outline when standing enabling his virtues to be appreciated. Masculine head with strong muzzle but with no sign of coarseness. Well set & carried ears & dark eyes give an excellent expression. He has balance all through with excellent angles fore & aft. Strong round bone in straight forelegs ends in good feet – he clearly puts in the miles! Strong topline with well developed wither. Rounded, well muscled hindquarters with one of the best tails. All that, standing – & then he moves … he immediately settles into a long, effortless, rhythmic stride which he maintains for as long as asked. The potential for a true carriage dog. There is no exaggeration in any department. CC & BOB;

kayo show midlands

Wandelen met de honden


Lekker met de hondjes de bossen in geweest

Posted by Kykado Dalmatians on maandag 6 april 2015

DOTY 2014

Back home from a fantastic DOTY (Dalmatian of the Year) weekend !!!
Fryday we arrived after a good journey in the Holiday Inn hotel in Doncaster.
After relaxing in the hot tub and the sauna we had a great meal with Helle.
Kayo was so pleased seeing Helle again.
On saturday was the Dalmatian of the Yearshow (DOTY).
Kayo had a bad draw against mr. Darcy, his halfbrother ;)
In the evening we had the Dalmatian of the Year gala.
Everybody was so beautifull dressed and the meal was great.
We partied until 01.00
The next morning we had to pickup Rush, a Ibizan Hound, Who will live nearby us.
Kayo and Rush did such a great job together...
We would like to thank the North of England Dalmatian Club and all our friends we saw this weekend.
But most of all is was great to see Helle again.0303

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Kayo BOB at Dog of the Yearshow

Sunday we had the honor, to go with Kayo to the "Dog of the Year Show" again.
For us it was the 3rd time, but it's still a great show with the catwalk, the beautiful flowers and atmospheric lighting.
There were a total of 21 dogs in FCI group 6 with three Dalmatians.
Kayo "ch. Solbo's Kayo" was selected with the best six in Group 6 and became also for the 3rd time the best Dalmatian of this show !!
Very proud of our Pojke and with a beautiful ribbon we went back home 
The judge was mr. J. Wauben (NL).
Maria Becht-Wagner , Karin Nieuwenhof and Marieke Nieuwenhof thanx for using your photo's also.hond van het jaarshow 03

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