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critique Midland Counties show

Yesterday we received Kayo's critique from Midland Counties, judge was Lesley Suggett. Ohhh boy we are soo proud !!

OD (10) A quality class with a host of very good Dalmatians, I was splitting some placings on fine points.
1 Hultink & Hoie’s Ch/Int/Dutch/Bel/Nord/Nor/Sw/Dan/Ger Ch Solbo’s Kayo,
this dog caught my eye as he entered the ring. He is a powerhouse of strength with elegance & certainly fit for function. Very pleasing outline when standing enabling his virtues to be appreciated. Masculine head with strong muzzle but with no sign of coarseness. Well set & carried ears & dark eyes give an excellent expression. He has balance all through with excellent angles fore & aft. Strong round bone in straight forelegs ends in good feet – he clearly puts in the miles! Strong topline with well developed wither. Rounded, well muscled hindquarters with one of the best tails. All that, standing – & then he moves … he immediately settles into a long, effortless, rhythmic stride which he maintains for as long as asked. The potential for a true carriage dog. There is no exaggeration in any department. CC & BOB;

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