kykado dalmatische honden

Kayo BOB at Dog of the Yearshow

Sunday we had the honor, to go with Kayo to the "Dog of the Year Show" again.
For us it was the 3rd time, but it's still a great show with the catwalk, the beautiful flowers and atmospheric lighting.
There were a total of 21 dogs in FCI group 6 with three Dalmatians.
Kayo "ch. Solbo's Kayo" was selected with the best six in Group 6 and became also for the 3rd time the best Dalmatian of this show !!
Very proud of our Pojke and with a beautiful ribbon we went back home 
The judge was mr. J. Wauben (NL).
Maria Becht-Wagner , Karin Nieuwenhof and Marieke Nieuwenhof thanx for using your photo's also.hond van het jaarshow 03

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