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Show Zwolle 2013

Yesterday we went to the show in Zwolle (NL) with Kayo & Lara.
So for us it was a home game which means that we could have a good sleep.
And what would it be nice to be Best of Breed and a "bluefinger" to take home with us.
We obtained the following results :
Kayo "ch. Solbo's Kayo" became Best Male with CAC/CACIB, BOB and BIG-2 !!
So we went home with a "bluefinger" ... and that one was not in our trophy cabinet ;-)
Lara was not entered but did have a very nice day and what looks Devina a lot like her mother.
Devina "Kykado Devina" became 2Exc in the intermediate class, great that you were there Nancy !!
There was also a son of Kayo there :
Ivy "Ivy Green the Astonishing" became 1Exc in the intermediate class, congratulations Andre & Diana .
For reserve Best Male it was between Ivy and Bruce "Lots of Spots Bruce The Boss" .
Ivy is the son of Kayo and Bruce is a half-brother of Kayo... so it would remain in the family ;-)
Bruce finally got the RCAC/RCACIB and became int. ch. so the trip was worth it from Denmark, congratulations Pia !!
The judge was mr. Coppens (NL), who was also breed & group judge.
Very happy we went home again.


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Leipzig & puppies Kayo x Kalua

Even before the WAFDAL winner was announced we were already back in the car on the way to visit puppies, at kennel Vom Scheibenholz, in Leipzig.
Again a few hours in the car, we arrived early in the evening at the family Kujat, Andrea & Silke and also mother Kalua "Kalua on Ice of the Living Spots" and the puppies.
After a good sleep we went monday to Leipzig with Andrea, Silke and of course our dogs.
what a beautiful city is Leipzig and we would like to go once more !!
On the way to the car Kayo was asked to participate in a photo shoot ... the beginning of an international career ;-)
In the afternoon we went with Kayo, Kalua and puppies to made some pictures and made the family picture complete.
Family Kujat, Andrea & Silke thanks for the great time we had!!
We are very spoiled and we found it delightful to meet the trio finally... what a beautiful puppies !!

Tuesday morning with 13 degrees (half the temperature of Friday) back to the Netherlands.
It was a beautiful ride, especially in the Hartz, without any delay.

A great photo of Solbo's Kayo
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Friday morning, 6 september, we left by 29 degrees towards Rostock (Germany) for the CACIB show and of course the WAFDAL Show.
After a long and hot ride we arrived at our hotel Friday night with Lara and Kayo.
Then in a very nice restaurant we had a nice "Schnitzel" and as a dessert "apfelstrüdel" which I completely love.
Saturday was the CACIB show, it was quite warm in the hall and Kayo had totally no sense.
Maybe he still tired from the trip but Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" still became 4 Excellent in Champion Class.
The judge was C. Jenvall from Denmark.
Not entirely dissatisfied, given the beautiful males in this class, we went back to the hotel.
But a night's sleep does wonders!! So back on Sunday to the HanseMesse for the WAFDAL show.
Kayo was vivid again and went like a spear through the ring, resulting in 2 Excellent with CAC Res VDH+Club !!!
We are very, very proud of our Pojke! The judge was R. Zachova from the Czech Republic. Lara did not participate but was supporter :-)
There were also two offspring from Kayo (Ch. SOLBO's Kayo x Ch. Creative Images Sunset Dalmatian) from kennel "Sunset Dalmatian" at the show with great results.
On both days, Willy "Endless Games Sunset Dalmatian" became 1 very promising in puppy class.
His sister Pandora "Eleventh Heaven Sunset Dalmatian" was two days 2 very promising in the Puppy Class.
Congratulations Eva with these great results!!
It was a great weekend and it looked like a reunion ;-)

Solbo's Kayo 2 Exc with RCAC at the WAFDAL-Show in Rostock
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Show Hilden 2013

Yesterday we went with Lara and Kayo to the show in Hilden (Germany).
Well, if you wear number 13 then of course you can expect something ;-)
When I was walking with Kayo I stayed with my shoe in the other leg hanging which tore it open.
Luckily I did not fall but it was quite a shock!
Then I found out that I had lost my gold bracelet (which I got from Patrick) :-(
But otherwise everything went well and we achieved the following results.
Kayo "CH. Solbo's Kayo" won the champion class with CAC VDH / Club and became BOS of the show!
Kayo had no further trouble of wearing number 13 and went with much pleasure in the ring.

After the break we went with Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" in the ring.
After Alpen, Lara was again happy to be in the ring. It was a strong Open Class with eight bitches.
but Lara won, as in Alpen, her class with CAC VDH / Club!
And so all the number ones in their classes went back in the ring, dogs & bitches.
That meant that in our case Patrick had to run with Lara and they did both super :-)
The judge was Andrea Mix from Germany.

We had a great day with nice weather and show results which we are very proud of!!

hilden-01 hilden-02

Puppies Mila

Yesterday evening we got a call from Erik that the first puppy was born.
Mila "Laguna Dios Stepping Stones" has 6 puppies, 4 bitches (1 liver & 3 black) and 2 dogs (1 liver & 1 black).

It was great to visit the puppies and Mila this evening.
Mila and her pups are doing great.
Congratulations Erik and Judith !!

Go to for all info.


Visiting Bikkel

This morning we went to visit Bikkel "Kykado Durango" and his owners
Chris, Janneke and Marije.
It was a great morning and we think he has a lot from his mother.

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