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Puppies Kalua

2 bitches (1 black & 1 liver) and 1 dog (liver) were born the 23th of july out of 
the combination Kalua "ch. Kalua on Ice of the Living Spots" and Kayo "int. ch. Solbo's Kayo".
Kalua and her puppies are doing great.
Congratulations Kujat family and Andrea !!!!

Show Alpen 2013

Sunday we went with Lara and Kayo to the show in Alpen (Germany).
Kayo "Ch. Solbo's Kayo" became 2 Exc in Champion Class with RCAC.
Kayo did such a perfect job in the hot sun !!

Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" won the strong (12 bitches) open class with CAC and she also became BOS !!
For Lara it was the first show after two years of not being in the ring, and after her two litters !!
She did it great and we are so proud with these great results. The judge was Zelkja Halper from Croatia.
It was a hot sunny day, but it was great organised and we had a great time with friends !!

Alphadirato Glitter Girl BOS in Alpen 2013 (c) Kykado Dalmatians

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Visiting Brynn

Last week we visited Marga, Brynn "Kykado Dinant", Mulle, Morag and Navid.
It was a great pack to visit and to see.
We had a very lovely evening ... and we succeded in letting Brynn smile ;) !!!
Thank you Marga !!!

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Show Echt & Clubshow NCDH 2013

It was just a few days recovering from a very busy weekend!!
On Saturday 6 July we went to the Show in Echt (NL) with Kayo "CH. Solbo's Kayo". Despite that we were already
at 08.00 on the showground it was still searching for a place for our tent. It was a hot day and Kayo became second in the Champion class. The judge was Mrs. Geringer (USA). Because it was so hot we were allowed to go home earlier .... that was in our case to Helmond :-)
On Sunday (7 July) we had our annual Championship show of the NCDH !! That was to get up early ... very early ... 05:30.... At 07:00 everyone of the Clubshow Commission gathered at Dogcenter Zaltbommel (NL) to make everything ready for the clubshow.
At 10:00 the judging started and Maaike and Pablo "Kykado Durban" had to go in first. It was the first time in the ring for Pablo and for Maaike de second time ;-) but they did a great job together !! Pablo became 3VG in the Youth class. Later another son of Kayo had to go in the ring "Ivy Green the Astonishing", Ivy was 2Exc in the Intermediate class. Also Kayo had to go in the ring, he became 3Exc in the Champion class. After the break the judging of the bitches started. In the Youth class it was time for Nancy and Devina "Kykado Devina", Devina was 2Exc in a strong (12 females) Youth class!! The judge was Mr. Brunberg-Johansen (SE).
We can look back on a very hot, but cosy clubshow with very nice results!! Congratulations to you all !!
Thanks Maaike, Rohan, Jens & Nancy that you were there ... again next year??

Kayo in Echt

Show Echt
kykadoKykado Devina 2Ex in Youth class kykado
Kykado Durban 3VG in Youth class

Kayo and his son Ivy Green the Astonishing

Donna Passed Away

After a shor periode of illnes we had to let go our Donna "Rocca Al Mare Donatella".
A tumor was discovered in her liver and there was no good prospect.
Donna was our queen and a great mother of our A and B litter.
Her condition was great and Donna loved Swimming.

We mis Donna a lot but her memories are great.....


Visiting Rimoz

Yesterday we went to the North of the Netherlands to visit Rimoz "Kykado Davos" there.
Rimoz welcomed us with a big smile :-) 
Of course we could not resist and we also have made some pictures of Rimoz 
and we also had a very nice evening with his owners. 
Before we knew it, it was late and had to go back home to our own dogs .....

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