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16 december 2013
Last Friday we traveled to Birmingham with Kayo to participate at the LKA (Ladies Kennel Association ) show on saturday.
On Friday morning, after 10 minutes, we were already in the traffic jam ...

We started a little bit worrying if we would catch the train on time but with a quarter delay we could move on.
The rest of the trip went well and at the end of the afternoon we arrived in Birmingham.

On Saturday up early to be around. 7.30 on the show
It was quiet and we had the luxury to be dropped of by using the shuttle to the dog entrance
The rings were pretty big but it is for us strange to use to the english benches .
Kayo "ch. Solbo's Kayo" was third in the Open Dog class, a very good result and Kayo showed super !!

It was a wonderful day where we enjoy chatted with many people.
In the evening we have dinner at the airport and then back to bed early because we wanted to leave early in the morning again
The trip went very smoothly so we could take a train earlier and were in Helmond on time where Lara was waiting for us with a big smile !!

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