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12 december 2012
At the show in Brussel “ Solbo’s Kayo” became 1 exc. with CAC and the title “Brussels Winner”
in Champions class and also the RCACIB.
With this result Kayo became a Belgium Champion !!!
The judge was mr. G. Cox (IE).

What a great year we had together with Kayo !!

Solbo's Kayo brussels winner 2012 Solbo's Kayo


28 november 2012

Last sunday we went with Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" to the Winner show in Amsterdam.
Kayo became best male and won the title "Winner" and the qualification for Crufts 2013.
After that Kayo also became Best of Breed and in the group we won the 3rd place. What a great day !!

Also Kayo's Childeren had great results:
Kykado Dinant "Brynn" became 2 Very Primishing in the puppyclass
Kykado Devina "Devina" became 1 Very Promishing int the puppyclass
Ivy Green the Astonishing "Ivy" became 1 Excellent in the youthclass and won the  title "Juniorwinner", best youthdog and became also the RCAC !!!
The judge was mr. Sansom (GB) 
Marga, Nancy, Andre & Diana congratulations with the great results !!
Mirjam Thanx for giving Lara a great day with Champ :)

Solbo's Kayo Best of Breed and Winner 2012Solbo's Kayo


Solbo's Kayo BOB en Winner 2012 amsterdam winnershowSolbo's Kayo


Kykado Dinant


Kykado Devina


Ivy Green the Astonishing  


11 november 2012

Last weekend tw sons of Kayo (ch. Solbo's Kayo X ch. Jilloc's Seventh Heaven) had some great results at European shows.
Ivy Green the Astonishing "Ivy" went to the belgium clubshow and became best junior an became the title "prince 2012". 
Late Ivy also became reserve Best in Show !!  What a great result.


Also his brother, Ian Dury the Astonishing "Ian" had a great result at the Nordic Winnershow in Denemark.
Ian became Nordic Junior Winner !!
Congratulations Tiia, André and Diana !!


5 november 2012
Last week we got some great photo's of Amelanchier's Jackson "Sepp".
Sepp is the son of Kykado Chicago "Dexter" and Amelanchier's Artistic Expression "Emma".
Marie-Jose, thanx for the photo's.

30 october 2012
On a misty sunday morning we went with Kayo to the int. show in Leuven (Belgium).
After winning a strong champions class Kayo "Solbo's Kayo"  became best male with CAC/CACIB. 
Best bitch was Dalmacademy's Dutch Delicious from André and Diana Kok.
For best of breed also Kayo's son Ivy Green the Astonishing competed, who became BOB-junior.
Finaly Kayo became BOB and also BIG-2 !!
The judge was mrs. Kruus from Estonia.

Solbo's Kayo BOB in Leuven, belgie
Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" BOB & Lily "Dalmacademy's Dutch Delicious" BOS.

Kayo, BIG-2 

29 october 2012
Here some great photo's of Pablo "Kykado Durban".
Pablo enjoy's a great life with his owners...
Click on a photo for an enlargement.

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29 october 2012
From Italy we got the news that Canterbury "Kykado Canterbury" was a model at the Benetton campagne for the autumn collection. Canterbury is the black spotted male on the photo's.
Click on a photo for an enlargement.


21 october 2012 

Yesterday we went with Kayo to the int. show in Utrecht.
Marga was there with Brynn and Nancy with Devina. We got the follwing results:

Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" became 2 Exc in Champions Class
Brynn "Kykado Dinant" became 1VP in Baby Class
Devina "Kykado Devina" became 1VP in Baby Class and became BOB baby.
In the ring of honour Devina became BIS-2 baby !!
We are very proud with these result.
The judge was mrs. Bakal from Croatia.

Kykado Devina Solbo's Kayo

      Kykado Devina (Devina) BIS-2 baby                                               Solbo's Kayo (Kayo)

Kykado Dinant Kykado Devina
                 Kykado Dinant (Brynn)                                                     Kykado Devina (Devina)

8 october 2012
Sunday we went to the (mud)show in Zwolle (NL).
Kayo and Lara stayed at home but Brynn "
Kykado Dinant" was entered in the babyclass.
Brynn got a Very Promising and became BOB-baby. Later that day, in the ring of honour Brynn became
BIS-baby 6 !! We are very proud with this result. Congratulations Marga !!
The judge was mr. Boelaars from the Netherlands.

Kykado Dinant BIS-6 puppy in Zwolle

7 october 2012
Finaly we had some extra time to update our website with some photo's we received from our
Kykado offspring. Click on a photo to see the slideshow of the photo's.

Kykado Ash-Grove (Ash) {gallery}news/2012/05,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery} 
Kykado Candor (Fred) {gallery}news/2012/08,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}
Kykado Chandler (Champ) {gallery}news/2012/07,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}
Kykado Cincinnati (Izzy) {gallery}news/2012/06,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}
Kykado Darwin (Morris) {gallery}news/2012/09,limit=1,limit_quantity=7,crop=1,crop_factor=20,ratio=0,width=60,height=150,thumbs=0,random=0{/gallery}


2 october 2012
At the int. show in Maastricht, the 30th of september, Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" became best dog with
CAC/CACIB. and later also BOB. In the group Kayo became 2nd !! 
The judge was mrs. C. Kerssemeijer (NL). Again we are very proud of our Boy......

Solbo's Kayo BOB and BIG-2 at int. show Maastricht 2012

21 september 2012
Last week Kayo was model in the the styl and fasion edition of the womans magazine "Libelle".

2 september 2012
Yesterday Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" became Best in Show at the anual Clubmatch of the Dutch Dalmatian Club.
White this great restult Kayo also became dutch champion and got the title Clubwinner 2012 !!
Also Kykado Dinant, Kykado Devina and Kykado Dauphiné were entered in the babyclass.
Kykado Dinant became 3 Exc with a Very Promishing, Kykao Devina became 2 Exc with alo an Very Promishing
Kykado Dauphiné became 1 Very Promishing. Kayo's son Ivy Green the Astonishing became Best in Show puppy.
Congratulations to all owners
At last, our kennel "Kykado" becam also 1st in the breedersclass.
For us it was a great day with great results. We are so proud !!

The judge was mr. J. Sloot from the Netherlands.

Solbo's Kayo Best in Show Clubmatch NCDH 2012



7 august 2012


Last weekend we went with Lara "Alphadirato Glitter Girl" and Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" to the Clubshow of
the Danish Dalmatian Club. Lara Suported Kayo who became 2nd best male on saturday. the judge was mr. Brunberg Johansen
from Sweden.
On Sunday Kayo became best male under mrs. Atkinson from Great-Brittain.
Click HERE for all photo's of the weekend.

 Solbo's Kayo in Denmark

3 july 2012
All our puppies have found new homes.
The weeks went very fast but we enjoyed every minut with the puppies.
We wish Jazzy, Devina, Bella, Rimoz, Pablo, Morris, Bikkel, Brynn and Eddy a lot of luck, love and specially a lot of fun with the new owners

Kykado D litter

29 may 2012
Happy birthday to our C-litter who became 2 years today.
Congratulations to Dexter, Arvo, Champ, Fred, Cas, Canterbury, Izzie & Kyka with your birthday and a big
hug from all of us.

29 may 2012
Last Sunday I went with Kayo to the show in Arnhem (NL), Patrick stayed at home with Lara and the puppies.
Solbo's Kayo became second in champions class with the res.CAC & res.CACIB.
The judge was mr. Coppens (NL). We had a great day with friends !!!

Solbo's Kayo RCAC in Arnehm 2012

16 april 2012
The last few days we had a great weekend at Chantal's mother in Helmond.
From Helmond we went with Kayo "Solbo's Kayo" to the int. dogshow in Antwerpen (Belgium)
Kayo became BOB with CAC / CACIB. BOS was Caprilli's Head Over Heels.
Even like in Leeuwarden, Kayo became also second best in the group.
The judge was mr. Achtergael from Belgium.
Again we are so proud with this result of Kayo.

Solbo's Kayo BOB antwerpen 2012

10 april 2012
Yesterday we went to the in Leeuwarden (NL) with Kayo "Solbo's Kayo ".
Kayo became BOB with CAC/CACIB !! BOS was Gwynmor Chiquitita.
Kayo became also second best in the group.
The judge was mr. Bailey (UK), and he was our biggest suporter when we were in the group :)
WOW what a day, we are so proud of Kayo :)

We are very proud with this report:
good temperament
this dog is faboulus
beautiful black spot decorations
his head is perfect
eyes, ears and bite are very good
his topline is wonderful
loins and croupe are excellent
shoulder and upper arm are perfect
his stifles are excellent
movement very sound and true.

Solbo's Kayo, BOB an BIG-2 in Leeuwarden 2012

10 april 2012
Hurray, today our B-litter became 3 years old !!
Congratulations Bailee, Nina, Elias, Eddy and Pjotr with your birthday and a big hug from all of us.

30 march 2012
Last week we went to the Regional Ausstellung of the CDF in Bedburg (Germany).
Kayo "Solbo's Kayo " became Best of breed !!! from 82 entries. We are so proud of Kayo !!
The judge was mrs. Stephanie Langanke from Germany.

Soblo's Kayo BOB in Bedburg(foto: Heike Sent)

It was also great to see a son of Kaj "Laguna Dios Duran Duran " again.
Dotdog's Anthony became 4 Excellent in the intermediate class, congratulations Ilona !!

Dotdogs Antony

Solbo's Kayo in newspaper germany

17 march 2012
Yesterday our A-litter became 6 years.
Congratulations Diesel, Ash, Bob, Mara, Pascha, Alpha & Mara with your birthday and big hugs from us.


15 march 2012
Lately we are a little bit behind with updating our website
Last weekend we visited Pascha "Kykado Avila" and her owners.
It was great to see Pascha again and we had a great afternoon with Wim, Annette, Rosalie and Merel.

15 march 2012
On sunday 5 march we went with Kayo "Solbo's Kayo " to the int. show in Groningen (NL).
Kayo became 1 Excellent in championsclass.
We had a great day and Ernst von Scheven made this beautifull photo of Kayo.
The judge was mrs. Lochs-Romans (NL)

Solbo's Kayo in Groningen 2012

15 march 2012
Kykado Canterbury will have his first litter in Italy.
He mated Eletta Della Belcora and the puppies will be born the beginning of april.

23 january 2012
In Dortmund we saw the daughter of Kaj "Laguna Dios Duran Duran ".
It was a little shock for us to see how much April looks like her father.
April "DotDogs Attention Please" is from Kaj's last litter in Germany.
Ilona thank you for the great photo !!



Kykado dalmatians, Tamilanda Going Dutch, Solbo's Kayo en Alphadirato Glitter Girl
Chantal & Patrick Hultink
Zwolle - Netherlands



Solbo's Kayo Alphadirato glitter girl
Bohemian Rhapsody Vitoraz

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